Tuesday 20 June 2017

How to maintain a garden in the summer heat

Summer is here! How exciting is it when you open those curtains in the morning and see those rays beaming through the window? But do you know how to keep a garden looking fresh in this high heat?

When we picture a summer garden we see flowers, trees gently blowing in the breeze and rich green grass... so why is the reality brown grass, weeds shooting through and overgrown trees? Here are some tips on how to maintain and nourish your garden so it becomes less like an eyesore and more of a relaxing haven.

  • Apologies that this is the first tip but preparation is key! Making sure that before the Sun beams down on us we have the garden well watered and the plants protected. Any bushes or trees need cutting back as these will take a huge growth spurt and can become harder to handle and you may even need to call in a specialised tree surgeon to help out if things get out of hand.
  • DO NOT water any plants or grass before the Sun rises or sets as this can burn and kill them. Instead think of using mulch on top of the soil to keep it from drying out and any moisture in.
  • Water the garden once in the morning and once in the evening time and give it a good soaking.
  • Weeds thrive from the Sun and have soaked up lots of water in the spring time so it is their time to grow, and grow quickly is what they do! If you have weeds within the grass then Feed Weed is great for this (please read any instructions on the packet before using).
  • Any paddling pools should be protected underneath so the grass isn't scorched. You can do this by using protective sheeting or being placed on anti-slip decking or astro-turf will stop the grass from being scorched.
  • Make sure tarmac driveways are cool enough to park the car on top of as you can ruin the drive and put grooves in them if your tyres or tarmac is hot (the newer the drive, the higher the risk)
  • Use a sunshade for plants and shrubs that do not cope well with direct sun light by using a cloth or shelter (this can be home built to save on costs).
  • Do not over-mow the garden, as tempting as it can be the long blades of grass help it to survive the summer period.
And most off all keep yourself protected in the sun while enjoying your garden and make sure all pets have somewhere shady to rest and plenty of water. Check the temperature of the ground before letting pets out as they can burn their paws easily. Let wildlife live in your garden and create habitats for them so they can survive the hot weather and in return they will help your garden to thrive.

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