Wednesday 8 March 2017

Getting ready for the Spring...

Spring weather is picking up and we are excited! Lots of flowers blooming and the birds chorus in the morning. A picture perfect garden and a coffee on the patio… Oh no! The winter has completely ruined the setting!? Let us give you some quick tips to bring back your garden delight…

1.       Clear those gutters! Not the easiest or nicest of jobs but the April showers will soon be hitting us and those gutters have thrived on damp all winter through. Clear the moss and the debris and you’ll be thanking yourself when the rain pours.

2.       Cut the grass quick! The first cut of the start of every year should be done around March. Ideally you would want this done with a petrol mower because the grass from the bottom will most likely be wet.

3.       Clear those leaves and twigs from the paths and garden. They come from nowhere and make the garden look untidy.

4.       How are your tools looking? Service them, a lot of accidents can happen from tools that are not in a fit state to be used, always put your safety first and hire tools if needed to do the right job.

5.       Look after your children and pets. The first things we all want to do are plant plants and grow vegetables, and with this we try to protect them. You can buy child and animal friendly weed killer. Make sure that your insect repellent is kept away from them at all times.

6.       Clean the tables and chairs. We always have a surprise visit from the sun and we itch to get our garden parties started. Make sure you can spend the day prepping the BBQ food and you’ll not need to worry about cleaning the furniture.

7.       Pressure wash your green garden. Moss grows everywhere and on everything. Pressure wash your decking, fence panels and concrete to bring back to life your surroundings.